Condado Tacos Happy Hour

Condado Tacos Happy Hour: Unwind with Zesty Deals!

Condado Tacos offers Happy Hour specials that vary by location. Contact your local Condado for specific deals and times.

Satisfy your cravings for bold flavors during Condado Tacos’ Happy Hour, a beloved time by taco enthusiasts and margarita aficionados alike. With its vibrant, art-filled ambiance, this popular taco joint provides a festive backdrop for enjoying discounted gourmet tacos and handcrafted libations.

Whether you’re unwinding after work or looking for a festive dining experience, Condado Tacos’ Happy Hour serves up an array of mouthwatering options that promise to tantalize your taste buds without denting your wallet. From unique taco creations to signature sips, each visit becomes a celebration of taste and value, making any day feel like a fiesta. Get your friends together and make your way to Condado for a treat that’s as economical as it is delicious.

Condado Tacos Happy Hour: Unwind with Zesty Deals!

Introduction To Condado Tacos Happy Hour

Condado Tacos Happy Hour invites you with a burst of colors and lively music. Guests love the energetic ambiance as they chat and laugh. The walls sport bright, eye-catching murals that add to the charm. Enticing aromas waft through the air, hinting at the tasty treats ahead. Neon lights and rustic decor create a unique vibe that’s both hip and welcoming.

Distinct flavors set Condado Tacos apart from other spots. They offer build-your-own tacos with a twist. You can choose from a variety of fresh ingredients. The signature cocktails are a must-try during happy hour. Their mixologists craft each drink with care, ensuring a perfect blend. It’s not just about the food and drinks; it’s an unforgettable experience for your senses.

Condado Tacos Happy Hour: Unwind with Zesty Deals!

Happy Hour Timings

Condado Tacos offers an inviting happy hour to spice up your weekdays. Gather your friends for great deals between 3 PM and 6 PM. Enjoy a selection of discounted tacos, appetizers, and signature drinks. The vibrant atmosphere makes it the perfect spot to unwind after a long day.

Don’t miss out on weekend specials! Saturdays and Sundays feature unique promotions. Delight in exclusive food and drink offerings that will leave you craving more. The weekend happy hour kicks off at 3 PM and lasts until 6 PM, giving you ample time to savor every moment.

Menu Highlights

Condado Tacos rocks a vibrant happy hour with yummy signature tacos. Bite into the zesty flavors of Baja Shrimp or savor the classic Pollo Con Queso. Tantalize your taste buds with the Ju-Ju Shell Beef Brisket; a perfect blend of smoky and crunchy.

Don’t miss out on the artisanal craft beverages! Sip on the refreshing House Margarita or enjoy the unique twist of a Cilantro Pineapple drink. Each crafted to enhance your meal and lift your spirits!

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Condado Tacos Happy Hour: Unwind with Zesty Deals!

Exclusive Deals And Discounts

Condado Tacos Happy Hour brings you mouth-watering deals. Discover the joy of dollar-off drinks during this time. Thirsty? Grab a refreshing margarita or a crisp beer. Each drink comes with a friendly knock off the price. Sip and save is the motto when friends gather here.

Treat yourself to our reduced price appetizers. From tasty tacos to crunchy chips and guac, all come with a delightful dip in cost. The flavors are huge but the prices aren’t. Eat more, pay less – it’s that simple and satisfying. Your tummy and wallet will thank you.

Drink Specials Appetizer Deals
Margaritas and Beers Tacos and Chips
Dollar-Off Discounted Prices

Atmosphere And Ambiance

The atmosphere at Condado Tacos buzzes with energy. Casual, yet undeniably hip vibes welcome visitors from all walks of life. Groups of friends and family gather to enjoy the tasty offerings and soak in the ambiance.

Inside, the walls burst with colorful decor, featuring eclectic art and quirky designs. It’s a feast for the eyes as much as the menu is for the palate. The lively music keeps toes tapping and spirits high. It’s clear that Condado Tacos isn’t just about food; it’s about the experience. The mood is perfect for unwinding after a day’s work or celebrating special moments.

Why Locals Love It

Condado Tacos Happy Hour radiates a unique community vibe that locals cherish. It’s the go-to place where friends meet, unwind, and enjoy delicious treats together. Tasty tacos and enticing cocktails beckon groups of all sizes to revel in the laid-back atmosphere. Shared meals bridge connections, turning new faces into familiar friends.

Throughout the week, the bustling spot buzzes with laughter and conversation, making it a magnet for celebrations and casual meet-ups. The happy hour specials are a hit for budget-conscious diners. Kid-friendly options ensure that families also feel welcomed. In essence, Condado Tacos doesn’t just serve food; it cultivates community.

Condado’s Commitment To Quality

Condado Tacos takes pride in its dedication to offering top-notch, delicious options. Fresh, high-quality ingredients ensure every taco is a flavorful experience. Local produce and premium meats blend to create the perfect bite. Guests love the vibrant flavors and the commitment to excellence.

Crafting the Perfect Taco is no small feat at Condado Tacos. Skilled chefs prepare each with care. The right mix of spices and fresh garnishes top every creation. It’s not just food; it’s a culinary journey. Guests savor each taco, knowing they’re enjoying the finest ingredients.

Beyond Happy Hour

Condado Tacos doesn’t just shine with their Happy Hour. They host incredible catering services for all events. Enjoy custom taco bars at your parties. Experience their signature dishes at your gatherings. Guests personalize their meals with fresh ingredients. It’s a treat everyone loves. Celebrate special moments with Condado Tacos. Your event will be unforgettable.

Join the Rewards Program today. Earn points with each dollar spent. Gather enough points for free meals. Try new menu items without spending more. Members get exclusive offers. Birthdays and anniversaries become more special. Get a free taco just for signing up. Let your loyalty bring you delicious rewards. It’s a win-win for taco lovers.

Frequently Asked Questions For Condado Tacos Happy Hour

Do You Get Free Chips At Condado?

Condado Tacos offers complimentary chips with each meal. Guests can enjoy these free chips upon dining in.

Who Owns Condado Tacos?

Condado Tacos is owned by Condado Tacos LLC. Joe Kahn founded the company in 2014, and it has since expanded across multiple states.

Where Did Condado Originate?

Condado is a style of taco that originated in Columbus, Ohio, inspired by a fusion of traditional Mexican flavors and American taste preferences.

Is Condado A Sit Down Restaurant?

Yes, Condado is a sit-down restaurant offering a dining experience where customers can enjoy table service.


Wrapping up, Condado Tacos Happy Hour isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience. Whether you’re craving bold flavors or seeking great deals, this fiesta fits perfectly. Remember, the perfect taco is waiting for you, alongside irresistible drink specials. Don’t miss out—gather your friends and make memories at Condado’s!


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