Bjs Reverse Happy Hour

Bjs Reverse Happy Hour: Unwind with Late-Night Deals!

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse offers a Reverse Happy Hour featuring discounted food and drinks. Times vary by location, so check with your local BJ’s for specific details.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse has become a popular spot not only for its extensive menu but also for its special promotions like the Reverse Happy Hour. This late-night deal appeals to diners looking for quality food and beverages at lower prices after traditional happy hour times.

Whether you’re craving shareable appetizers, signature deep-dish pizzas, or handcrafted brews, BJ’s has something to satisfy your late-night appetite. Convenience meets value as patrons unwind with friends or cap off a busy day. Remember to confirm the exact timings with your nearest BJ’s, as they can differ based on the restaurant’s location and regional policies.

Bjs Reverse Happy Hour: Unwind with Late-Night Deals!

Late-night Cravings? Meet Bj’s Reverse Happy Hour

Reverse Happy Hour shakes up the usual deal timings. It starts late and runs into the wee hours. This trend caters to night owls craving discounted drinks and snacks. Patrons can wind down their day affordably.

BJ’s Reverse Happy Hour stands out. Unique offers draw a crowd post-dinner rush. By flipping the script, BJ’s entices night-shift workers and late-night revelers. Their menu includes savory bites and signature beverages at slashed prices.

Savor The Savings: Bj’s Happy Hour Timing

Savor the savings at BJ’s with their reverse Happy Hour. BJ’s offers a special timeframe in the evening. Customers enjoy discounted prices on appetizers and drinks. Each location sets its own times.

Many locations begin their Happy Hour around 10 pm. Some may start earlier or later. It’s best to check with your local BJ’s for exact times. The times can change based on the day of the week. Always check the BJ’s website or call ahead.

Bj’s Happy Hour Menu Deep Dive

BJ’s Happy Hour Menu offers a variety of tasty treats that cater to all tastes. Discounted appetizers steal the spotlight. Guests love the Sliders, Tavern-Cut Pizzas, and Mozzarella Sticks. Be on the lookout for the Loaded Nachos; they’re a crowd favorite. Enjoy these snacks with friends or family for a fun time.

Refreshing Drink Selections include handcrafted beers and signature cocktails. The Happy Hour boasts an impressive lineup of Bj’s Brewhouse Blonde® and Piranha® Pale Ale. Don’t miss the Mojito or Margarita specials. Pair your drinks with the food specials for the perfect experience. Cheers to good times and great deals!

The Happy Hour Ambiance At Bj’s

BJ’s Reverse Happy Hour beckons with a lively atmosphere. Guests find themselves enveloped in a warm and inviting space, ideal for shaking off the day’s stress. Soft lighting and comfortable seating set the perfect scene for relaxation and chats with friends.

Tables fill with laughter and stories as the night unfolds. These moments cater to group gatherings, where bonds strengthen over shared plates and clinking glasses. The social vibes at BJ’s are palpable, turning a simple evening out into an event worth remembering.

Tips To Maximize Your Happy Hour Experience

To make the most of Bjs Reverse Happy Hour, a solid plan is key. Arriving early ensures you get the best seats and access to deals. Staying late can sometimes mean extra specials as the night winds down. Imagine more time for fun and savings!

Smart pairing of food and drinks elevates the experience. Sip a tangy margarita with spicy nachos for a flavor explosion. Balance is the secret; choose a crisp beer with a hearty burger to complement the tastes. These combos make every bite and sip special.

Bjs Reverse Happy Hour: Unwind with Late-Night Deals!

Bj’s Unique Take On Classic Happy Hour Deals

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse flips typical happy hour expectations with its Reverse Happy Hour. The chain offers late-night discounts that food and drink lovers eagerly anticipate. These deals are available post-regular happy hour times, perfect for night owls.

Delight in a variety of specially-priced appetizers, such as Sliders and Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Crave-worthy pizzas come with a tempting cost cut. Sip on Pizookie desserts and handcrafted beers at lower prices.

Item Deal
Appetizers Discounted Prices
Pizzas Special Offers
Desserts Lower Prices
Beers Exclusive Discounts

These exclusive deals aren’t listed everywhere. Guests are delighted to find amazing prices on popular picks. It’s a must-visit for those who love good food and great deals. BJ’s makes sure your night ends on a high note.

Regulars Share Their Favorite Late-night Bites

Many regulars rave about Bjs Reverse Happy Hour. Guests often find themselves indulging in delicious late-night snacks. Favorites include handcrafted burgers, crispy fries, and the much-loved flatbread pizzas. Drinks are not to be overlooked, with a selection of craft beers and signature cocktails at reduced prices.

  • Slider Trio: Mini burgers packed with flavor.
  • Pizza Margarita: A classic with fresh mozzarella and basil.
  • Chicken Wings: Spice levels range from mild to wild.

Guests emphasize the great value for money and the perfect atmosphere for winding down. The variety of options caters to all tastes. These picks guarantee a great time during Bjs Reverse Happy Hour!

The Financials: How Happy Hour Benefits Bj’s

BJ’s Reverse Happy Hour kicks off with buzzy late-night deals. After the usual dinner rush, sale numbers spike, thanks to discounted appetizers and drinks. This clever move fills empty tables and keeps the kitchen busy.

People love good times that don’t thin wallets. So, they flock to BJ’s for wallet-friendly fun after regular hours. With these savings, regulars come back and newcomers turn into fans. Happy Hour specials bring smiles and sales, a win-win for everyone.

  • Happy Hour encourages late-night visits
  • Menu deals boost food and drink orders
  • Discounts turn one-time guests into loyal ones

Preparing For Your Visit To Bj’s Reverse Happy Hour

BJ’s Reverse Happy Hour offers unique times for great deals on drinks and appetizers. Before heading out, note the specific location and hours of operation, as they may vary by establishment. Generally, happy hour specials are in the late evening or early night hours, making it perfect for night owls or those who work late.

To make the most of your experience, plan your route effectively. Identify the BJ’s location you wish to visit and check their schedule online. Some locations may offer extended happy hour times on certain days. Check for this to maximize your savings and enjoyment. Remember, times and deals can change, so it’s smart to confirm before you go.

The Future Of Late-night Deals: What’s Next For Bj’s?

BJ’s revolutionizes late-night dining with cutting-edge deals. The traditional happy hour gets a makeover to cater to night owls. Discounts on appetizers and signature drinks lead the charge, enticing guests to enjoy the night life.

Dining trends show an upswing in late-night patronage, and BJ’s meets this demand head-on. The new reverse happy hour includes options like half-priced pizzas and compelling beverage specials. These deals are designed to draw in a crowd that thrives post-dusk.

Creativity spurs extraordinary menu offerings, unique to BJ’s late nights. Expect exclusive dishes and cocktails that are available only during these hours. This approach ensures a memorable experience for guests seeking adventure and value in their evening excursions.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Bjs Reverse Happy Hour

Does Bj’s Brewhouse Take Apple Pay?

Yes, BJ’s Brewhouse accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. Customers can use this convenient option at their locations.

What Is The Definition Of Happy Hour?

Happy hour refers to a period, typically in the afternoon or early evening, when bars or restaurants offer discounts on drinks and appetizers.

How Big Is Bj’s Mini Pizza?

BJ’s mini pizza typically measures about 6 inches in diameter. Perfect for individual servings, this smaller pizza ensures a satisfying, personal meal.

What Is Bj’s Reverse Happy Hour?

BJ’s Reverse Happy Hour offers late-night discounts on food and drinks. It typically starts after the regular happy hour ends, catering to night owls with value-priced appetizers and beverages.


Wrapping up, BJ’s Reverse Happy Hour offers unbeatable deals for night owls. Discover a lively atmosphere and save on favorites late into the evening. Don’t miss this chance to enjoy great times and even better savings with friends. Join the after-dark revelers at BJ’s and experience the joy of reverse happy hour yourself!


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